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Meeting: 16 Feb 2005

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Begin Building BalloonSat payload carriers.
Meeting: 16 Feb 2005 Foam Core Construction
A paper on how to construct a payload carrier.
Meeting: 16 Feb 2005 Construction I
fun with foam core
Meeting: 16 Feb 2005 Transmission of Clear bags
Transmission of two different plastic bags were measured. The main differences appear to be due to thickness. We should use the thinest bags available to get the most UV transmission. (pdf file)
Meeting: 16 Feb 2005 Solar Heating of foam core
A black foam core box, and white foam core box were placed in the X25 solar simulator, sitting on the cold-plate held at 25C. A HOBO was placed in each one to measure interior temperature. The Black Box temp rose 19C the white box rose 5C.
Meeting: 16 Feb 2005 foam core reflection
reflection measurements of black and white foam core. (xls)

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