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EP632 2011B

Up one level
Information on the July 9 flight
EP632 2011B T-75hr Flight path
Predicted Flight path
EP632 2011B NOTAM
Notice to Airmen has been filed
EP632 2011B EP632 'Spring' Flight Scheduled
The Post's 'Spring' Flight is scheduled for Saturday, July 9 2011.
EP632 2011B Google Earth Spot track
FileMeSpot Flight positions for google earth
EP632 2011B file.2011-07-10.5777125880
EP632 2011B EP632 Flt 2011B Recovery
The Explorer Post 632 Flight 2011B was successfully launched and recovered.
EP632 2011B 2011B Audio
Audio file from Flt 2011B. In 'ogg' format. Listen for: Launch, Plane/Postcard release(?), burst, landing. also beeper and clarinet tone.
EP632 2011B Recovery photos
Jay's recovery pictures
EP632 2011B Payload 2 Data
Preliminary file of Basic Stamp Data from Payload 2, Actual values may not yet be accurate - needs calibration
EP632 2011B Payload 1 (Solar Cell) Data
Preliminary data from Payload 1. Includes solar cell readings. Temperatures are not consistent, pressure may not yet be accurate.
EP632 2011B launch
Photo[s?] leading up to launch 9 July 2011

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