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Fractal Links

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All kinds of links to resources for learning about fractals

Explorer's Post 631 Fractals Learning Ideas for 2005-2006

  • Links Sites
    • Here you will find a list of different programs to aid in the generation of pictures associated to different dynamical processes.
    • Review of Linux fractal programs.
    • Mailing lists Or these EMail Discussion Lists: FRACTAL-ART, The Fractal Art Discussion List Subscribe: Posts: Description: This mailing list is open to all individuals/organizations interested in all aspects of Fractal Art. This would include fractal and digital artists, fractal software developers, gallery owners, museum curators, art marketers and brokers, printers, art collectors, and simply anybody who just plain likes to look at fractal images. PHILOFRACTAL, The Fractal Philosophy Discussion List Subscribe: Unsubscribe: Posts: Description: This mailing list is for the discussion of fractal philosophy. This includes science and religion, at least in their non-dogmatic aspects, and the way they relate to fractals. This list will have broader limits than the three current fractal lists. FRACTINT, The Fractals and Fractint Discussion List Subscribe: (body of your email message: subscribe fractint) Posts: Description: This mailing list is for the discussion of fractals, fractal art, fractal algorithms, fractal software, and fractal programming. Specific discussion related to the freeware MS-DOS program Fractint and it's ports to other platforms is welcome, but discussion need not be Fractint related. Technical discussion is welcome, but so are beginner's questions, so don't be shy. This is a good place to share Fractint tips, tricks, and techniques, or to wax poetic about other fractal software.
    • Some Fractal applets
    • FAQs, Introductions and Tutorials
    • Very complete list of links from Fractals Unleashed"
    • David Strohbeen's Fractal Music links good but not annotated other than it is grouped.
    • Novak's resources list - short but only good ones!!! **
    • Links2Go - good list but confusing interface!
    • Fractal World Lsystem links - most complete list I have seen but not much there."
    • Fractal Wonderland -good list!
    • L-Systems links among other things
    • Links to L-Systems - most are dead links!
  • Learning
    • Fractals - A History - very good!!!!
    • Fractal Explorer - very good explanations of how to create fractals including a guide tour of zooming the Mandelbrot Set
    • InterFACE Project"OK set of pages. The lessons are pretty good at explaining the math behind fractals
    • *************************
      Fractal Magnets May Fracture Old
      December 13, 2002
      Plastic magnets with fractal
      magnetic field may one day be the
      heart of computer hard drives small
      enough to power nanotechnology-based
      devices. Plastics with fractal
      magnetic fields "may provide ways to
      store a high density of information"
      in a very small space because of
      their intensely...
    • What is a Fractal by a high school student
    • Definition of Fractal from CRC Encyclopedia of Math
    • 2D L-Systems by Robert Dickau - nice explanation and great color drawings and examples of L systems. Must use!!!! Part of more Chaos and fractal pages with nice graphics and Mathematica code
    • Fat Days: L- Systems more good examples of simple 2d L-Systems and the rules to create them
  • Software to create fractals:
  • Associated Graphics Utilities
    • Microsoft's free Image Composer
    • IrfanView32 - great image file viewer
    • Internet freeware: Graphics - a GREAT list of graphics apps
    • DJFractal is yet another Fractal Generator which uses Mandala to distribute fractal datas to fractal computers. Fractal datas are created locally and distributed to any fractal computers which may be hosted on workstations, Java enabled web-browser through applets, and even JavaCard (!). DJFractal is highly customizable from schedulers to fractal computers. Hence, DJFractal can be used locally whith a fast fractal computer which uses double precision internally or can be used in a distributed environment using several fractal computers available on the network which use arbitrary precision for the computation extending the limitation of the double precision (E-16) to almost infinity (in fact to the sum of the available memory on each host used).
    • Painter! Completely free, full featured paint program
  • Examples of fractals
  • Books
  • Items to buy with Fractals on them
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