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Photos Oct 13 2005
First meeting of the Explorers Post 631.
Photos Oct 20 2005
History of computers
Photos Oct 27 2005
Photos Nov 10 2005
Blogging, RSS and Podcasting
Photos Take Apart a Computer Day
The Explorers learned what is inside a computer by taking some old ones apart and in some cases, putting them back together !
Photos The Mandelbrot Set Fractal
The Explorers learn about the Mandelbrot Set and create images of it using markers and paper and also computer software.
Photos Holiday Party Dec 15, 2005
The Explorers in Post 631 ate, talked, played the Gift Game, played Relay Pictionary and Cranium.
Photos Jan 19 2006 Meeting: Web Pages
The Explorers learned how to make Web pages. We also acted out the way the Web works.
Photos Explorers tour the Imaging Technology Center
The Explorers visited the NASA Glenn's Imaging Technology Center. The saw the video studio and shot a newsroom scene. They also learned about digital and high-speed photography.
Photos January 26, 2006 Meeting - Making games
The start to learn how make games with Gamemaker. We also wrap up making Web pages as they learn about NVU.
Photos March 23, 2006 meeting - Animation
The Explorers learn about animation and begin to create their own using Anim8or.
Photos Day Two of Animation
The Explorers continue to learn how to make animations using Anim8tor.
Photos Adaptive Technology and Animation
Jill Noble shows the Explorers the adaptive technology that she uses. The Explorers continue to learn about animation.
Photos Tour of NASA
Explorers Post 631 tours four facilities at NASA.
Photos Feb 23 2006 meeting - Lego robotics - Week One
The Explorers learn the basics of programming the Lego robots.
Photos March 2 2006 Meeting - Legos
The Explorers do the exercises that teach them the basics of NQC.
Photos Whirlyball April 27 2006
The Explorers have lots of fun playing Whirlyball.

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